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[Medium Sized NPC] - A high ranking Paladin of the Order of Erdrydion hailing from Nan Thalias. Syrinlena acts independently to the politics of her nation. She is the unknown and unsung half-sister to the great hero Yinsylim Lichbane who has gone missing for the past year. She has followed his traces to Mammoth Isle, in hopes to find him and his fate there.

Syrinlena is a half-Wood and High Elf hailing from Nan Thalias. Her father, a travelling merchant and an unfaithful husband sired many children across Tharador, though Syrinlena knew little of this as a child save for the constant arguing between her father and mother in the few times her father did return home. Her mother, a High Elf, had escaped from the Arcane Dome of Leacianus, looking for refuge amongst her Wood Elven kin, and stumbling upon Syrinlena’s father on the road. When Syrinlena was born it seemed that the two had settled down, though in fact Syrinlena’s father had a habit of stumbling into women on the road very often. Syrinlena’s home became a sad one, and though she had a few other full-blooded siblings, she was told often of how many half-siblings she might have gallivanting about across Tharador.

Syrinlena never was fond of either of her parents, choosing to instead leave her home to study under the teachings of Erdrydion: faith, virtue, loyalty. Things her father could not embody, she would. It was shortly after the Fall of Elen Estel that she took this choice, spurred on by her hostile home and the patriotic rise of Nan Thalias after the fall of their capital. After studying there for over four decades she became a powerful Seeker, though still young for an Elf. Her role became to scour the ruins of ancient battlefields, fortresses, temples and the like for tidings of Mindoriel’s dark magicks and to exterminate them in any manner, be they spawns of Mindoriel or any of her Children. So this continued for decades, though in time she was relegated a rest for several years, given to teaching the next generation of Paladins and Seekers. It was here that she met for the first time her half-brother Yinsylim.

Perhaps it was a ploy by Markamin that the two might meet, but the half-elf given to her tutelage had the exact face of her father, though he was young at barely a dozen winters old, she could see it in his eyes, nose and high cheek bones. When she questioned the child, Yinsylim, he told that he was the result of his mother’s love for an Elven Merchant that she never saw again. Syrinlena never told Yinsylim the truth of their relationship, but she grew to love him as a younger brother, even if she did not show it. She was hard on him, harder than the rest and though he was dull at matters of writing, reading and numbers (owing to his upbringing on a farm), he was charismatic, strong and fearless. A natural born leader.

So it came as little surprise when Yinsylim rose to the ranks of herodom for his actions at Duskweave Isle, slaying a Lich despite having seen only twenty winters in his time, and rallying the nations around the Grey Sea to retake the isle from the undead. Syrinlena fought there too, being within the Nan Thalian Chapter of Erdrydion’s Chosen that fought in the vanguard against the bulwark of undead. When Kelathar rose again seven years later, Syrinlena heard that Yinsylim had aided another group of adventurers in slaying the Lich, permanently. Though it is said that after Yinsylim withdrew. After he landed in the town of Volosvio in Belfrie he marched north and little has been heard of the hero since. Syrinlena has grown worried, and with the Full Moon hanging over Tharador’s sky in a fixed state, she thinks it may be an omen as to what has happened to her half-brother. She has followed many trails and whispers to find that he has sailed to Mammoth Isle, far in the north and off the coast of Greypeak. What might have driven him there she cannot know, though she aims to find him, aid him in whatever way she can, and bring him home.

Elf Righteous Holy Paladin - Syrinlena [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base] is created by DM Stash and suitable for any table top rpg or wargame.

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Elf Righteous Holy Paladin - Syrinlena [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]

PriceFrom €8.50
    • Name: Elf Righteous Holy Paladin - Syrinlena [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
    • Set: The Thawing Dead
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Included as pictured in the image
    • Model Creator: DM Stash

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