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Grammor was an orc warrior very faithful to the Great Orc God Drenosh. In a great battle, Grammor killed many legionaries of the Order of War, being badly wounded, between life and death. Drenosh, in recognition of his loyalty and sacrifice, gave Grammor a great gift. He passed on to the Orc something of the most precious of human knowledge. The skill of reading and one book. A single book. A library of enchantments stolen from an Official Mage of the Order of Amulets and Artifacts of Sextoagrippus. Such a gift made him a scholar among the orcs. In possession of a single book, he proceeded to recite their incantations, learning through trial and error what they did, and what their power was. Grammor then understood the power of words, and mastered a few magical manipulations, through recitation. With magic restricted only to Mages of the Order of Sextoagrippus, that single grimoire was enough to make him a living legend, one of the mightiest orcs to walk the land. His grimoire is his great power. Many have already tried to steal it. None did.

Grammor The Orc Sorcerer (25mm base) is created by Flesh of Gods and suitable for any table top rpg or wargame.

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Grammor The Orc Sorcerer (25mm base)

SKU: FOG000192
    • Name: Grammor The Orc Sorcerer (25mm base)
    • Set: Grimoires Of Madness
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Included as pictured in the image
    • Model Creator: Flesh of Gods

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