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Mathijs Blokland

The guy who puts in all the work






No matter what he'll clean the prints

How I got into 3d printing & why I started selling models

My 3D printing journey started somewhere in 2018 when I read an article about what 3D printing will change in the world. This got me really excited, but before I bought my first printer I read even more articles, how to's and dos and don'ts. At this point I really felt the 'need' of owning one and wanted to learn more about it by doing, but there was only one obstacle... I had to persuade my wife I really needed this 😁. Luckily it didn't take much persuading, so I ordered an FDM printer and after a couple of months tinkering and working with it, I jumped onto discord to help others setup/configure their machine(s). 

At the end of 2019 I wanted to explore SLA printing and expand my printer lab. I bought a Creality LD-002R which is a really nice machine and printed a lot of my miniatures. When that wasn't enough I also bought a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K which has become my power horse in printing high quality miniatures. I'm very active in the community and even became an official product tester for a resin manufacturer in Austria.

As I've been printing over the last couple of years and painting these miniatures within my family, I started to noticed more people around me started asking if I could print some models for them and help them get into this miniature painting hobby. This made me realise I could make this hobby more accessible for others by selling miniatures through Etsy, without the need to own a 3D printer or learn everything from scratch but just order and paint miniatures (which is the best part imo).

My main goal with Grove Guardian is making miniature painting available for everyone.

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