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Looking for a custom miniature?

If you can't find that specific miniature in our collection we'd advise you to check out the free* online miniature builder tools like Heroforge, ANVL.coEldritchFoundry or DesktopHero.

With these tools you can modify/customise the miniatures in a way that fits your needs.

In only 4 simple steps we'll be able to get you your own custom miniature:

  1. Use Hero Forge (or other tool) to create your custom miniature.

  2. Send us your 3D file (.stl or .obj) after purchasing your design.

  3. We'll pre-support, print, post-process, quality check and ship the custom miniature to you.

  4. The final step is you unpacking the miniature(s) and start painting.


If you have any questions, please contact us or get your miniature.

* by free we mean you could design the miniature but you'll need to pay for getting the actual .stl file.

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