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In a world in strife Horauthin and his brother Erdrydion were given life, side by side. Mindoriel and Myrothlir wreaked havoc upon Tharador, raising legions of undead across the land, led by their vampiric commanders the Felanhier and their leader Almenhier. Horauthin and Erdrydion together slew Almenhier in a decisive battle, stifling the growth led by the expert commander. Horauthin would later split part of his own soul to create the Velgaryn, the first Goliaths. They would turn the tide of the war as a war-like race with a minute life-span compared to the elves. Though after Mindoriel was defeated this war-like nature instilled in them proved maleficent as they began a genocidal conquest across Tharador. Horauthin was banished for the sins of his children, only forgiven when they were utterly defeated by their own undoing and Horauthin repented.

Horauthin - Divine of War & Peace is created by DM Stash and suitable for any table top rpg or wargame.

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Horauthin - Divine of War & Peace

PriceFrom €8.50
    • Name: Horauthin - Divine of War & Peace
    • Set: A Divine Awakening
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Included as pictured in the image
    • Model Creator: DM Stash

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