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This witch has lived in seclusion in the swamp for a long time now, she spends her time brewing vile concoctions with the unique ingredients she’s found over the years, and studying the effects they have on other creatures. She seldom leaves her hut, but has done so in the past to get certain ingredients she can’t find in the swamp.At the beginning, she was a bit weary when Korl first came into the swamp, but after seeing all the changes in the flora and fauna made her take an interest in the creature, driven by all the new ingredients she could gather thanks to it.
So now she’s keeping a close eye on the proceedings of this being, gathering ingredients and furthering her craft. For what purpose is she doing this? We don’t know.

Swamp Witch

SKU: CNP000240
    • Name: Swamp Witch
    • Set: Swamp
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Not included, matching bases can be found in the items' set.
    • Model Creator: Cast 'n Play

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