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How is your miniature made?

We take great care in creating miniatures with the highest quality possible. I'd like to explain what steps are taken to produce these awesome models.


Prepare the print file

Before we can start a print we have to prepare the 3D model and create a file that the printer understands. This generally means we have to check the model for errors and pre-support it. Pre-supporting is a method to make sure that i.e. hands or other floating pieces are printed correctly.  


Printing the file

This step is quite easy, we're preparing the printer. Shaking or stirring the resin really good, making sure the room is on temperature (+25C°) and load the file via the network or usb stick. Once everything is set we hit "print" and the waiting game start.


Post Processing

When the print is finished, we're putting on gloves, get the prints off the buildplate and remove the supports. Next is cleaning the print in a troubled IPA (Iso Propanol Alcohol) bath, this is where we rinse off most of the resin that is sticking to the model. After that first rinse we're placing it in a clean IPA bath to and make sure no resin is left on the model we're using a soft toothbrush to brush it off. If this step is done we're letting the models dry by air, as the IPA is evaporating pretty quickly. Final steps is curing the model with UV light and inspect for imperfections. It sometimes happen re-prints are needed if an arm/bow or leg is missing partially.


Packing and Shipping

As we're done preparing the model, we're carefully wrap all models in bubblewrap, drop in an extra item/model and something to keep you going while painting. We're doing our best to reduce our waste, reuse packaging and filling material but also ship 'green' when possible.



This is the most fun step for you, as you've received the package and ready to get started with primer and paint :). We really hope you enjoy our products as we strive for ultimate customer happiness! Please share your work with use via the socials using the #groveguardian tag.

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