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Aigle - The Eagle

One of the kings of the sky, the aigle is a majestic creature associated with the Twin Suns, and, therefore, a favored companion of nobles and rulers. This creature's plumage is brown, and white on its head. As a companion, it is solemn but always loyal. Some scholars say that they are quiet because they are always vigilant. Although the nobility use these birds because of status, adventurers like druids and rangers do have them as companions.

This bird is amongst the oldest of companions according to ancient records. Documents in the dwarven kingdom of Bolgrin, and in the imperial capital of Lyria show the aigle with legendary figures or adventurers from eras long past. The bird is always shown flying, observing, acting more like its companion's guardian than an actual companion; always serious and ready for whatever danger might lay ahead

Aigle - The Eagle is created by Cast 'n Play and suitable for any table top rpg or wargame.

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Aigle - The Eagle

SKU: CCC000025
    • Name: Aigle - The Eagle
    • Set: Cast 'n Play
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Included as pictured in the image
    • Model Creator: Cornelia's Companions

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