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[Medium Sized NPC] - A Lich that perished to frost for hundreds of years. Only recently through the error of the Paladin Yinsylim was Thirazar released from his icy tomb. Now the paladin is under his control and Thirazar is building an undead army to begin his assault of Tharador. Scouts were sent ahead to Karkanoth and Greypeak in hopes to begin slowly building armies in each and beginning a foothold before his main force invaded. With both slain, he feels now he may have to enact his plan faster.

Thomas Bazaar was a gifted child for magic hailing from the noble House Bazaar from Draksborne’s northern reaches, his father a baron. When Thomas’ powers became apparent he was overjoyed, he always felt that he was special and different from the rest, this confirmed it for him. Though that confirmation felt like it slipped away when he finally attended school at Canos, for there were hundreds of others just like him. He felt wholly bland again, and sought for something that might make him special even in this setting. So he began uncovering books on darker spells owing to the Breath weaved by Myrothlir during the Age of Creation, when Minera’s Breath was used for terrible atrocities, using the dead as weapons and tools against the First Elves and Colossals in the First War.

Though it seemed dark, Thomas felt that none would follow in this path, it would truly make him unique and powerful. So he practiced, at first on bugs, then rats, then cats and dogs found stray in the streets. Before he could try on fresh corpses in the cemetery however, he was discovered. Usually such a crime would earn him to be slapped in chains, or outright hung should he have managed to exhume a human corpse. However his father asked a favour of the society, and Thomas was returned home.

A year later he would leave under the cover of night with a forged letter of recommendation and a new alias as Tyrin Thirazar. In Ardris University he arrived, a relatively new school in the south on the fringes of the Empire, it was eager in accepting new students and his letter of recommendation was not even verified with the person Thomas had alleged wrote it. Thus he began his new course of study in Ardris and returned to his sinister magic. Again he was discovered after he had stolen cadavers to use in his own necrotic experiments. He knew this time death would be his punishment, though his true name was undiscovered, thus he fled back to his home in Draksborne’s north. In the night he rode in, breaking into his family home, bundling as much jewellery, coins and valuables as he could into his saddlebags and leaving.

He made his way far north, beyond the borders of the Empire, past the Falans Mountains to the remote Kingdom of Greypeak. Northerners that spoke a tongue different to his own and had a culture entirely different. There he found a home in a village near the coast, not too dissimilar to where he was raised. He became their healer and resident wiseman, under his alias now simply as Thirazar. In that time the young necromancer had in fact been causing death to at least one out of four of those he was asked to aid. His success rate did not arouse suspicion and it allowed him to at last arise a human from the dead, enthralling them to work in his lab underground, having them sort herbs, sweep the floors, prepare concoctions and runes and anything else he might need but did not have time for himself.

Finally he was discovered when a poor woman was forced to try to exhume her widows corpse to take his burial jewellery to sell to pay for food. She found the grave empty, and knowing he was in the care of Thirazar was quick to accuse him. Many townsfolk gathered outside his house, forcing their way inside and finding their loved ones, neighbours and friends being pulled like puppets on strings to do menial tasks. Thirazar used magic to stun and paralyze the mob, making his escape on horseback to the sea where he took the next ferry over to the secluded Mammoth Isle.

It was there that he learnt of the island’s ancient history as one of the last battlegrounds during the Colossal War and a home to many well preserved ruins, though difficult to reach in the island’s harsh climate and terrain. Thirazar worked within a tavern in Matinsel for a year before he could afford to buy the gear and the Mountain Ram he would need to venture out to one of these ruins. He knew the Colossal’s had taboo magic that was long forgotten or outright banned, and he knew that whatever it was would be more powerful than what he ever could have learned through schooling.

He made his perilous journey, nearly perishing on the way, until he finally found one of the ruins described to him. For years Thirazar worked in secret within the crumbling Colossal Fortress of Koneya Dura, The Last Place. It was here using the research of the Oldavori scientists and casters that he was able to enhance and extend his own life, learning the power of the Colossals and enhancing it with the angered souls and necrotic energy that swelled through the fortress. Finally he constructed his own phylactery, imbuing his soul into a Colossal Puzzlebox he had found within what he assumed was some sort of nursery.

Shortly after this, believing himself immortal, he began evermore dangerous experiments. It was one fateful experiment that gave him the fate to be frozen solid for centuries. In one book written by a Colossal named Ikkuqik, Thirazar found mention of a powerful device called the Vavanasai that the Colossals intended to use to freeze over the human kingdoms while sparing their own. In his folly, Thirazar attempted to recreate the device, though it ended shortly after it began as the device backfired, creating a permafrost over Thirazar, freezing him for hundreds of years and unleashing a small circle of permafrost on the region around Koneya Dura. This frost was not too dissimilar from Oldavor itself, yet was much milder in its magnitude and the locals took little notice of it for how far away the fortress was from any of the inhabited regions of the isle.

For hundreds of years Thirazar sat frozen in place, though still conscious of his surroundings and under immense pain. His skin peeled, froze off and necrofied. His only solace came when he sensed the presence of a Paladin that seemed to be searching specifically for him. Thirazar called the Paladin to him, and when the foolish half-elf broke Thirazar from his prison he was killed by an explosion of powerful energy trapped from Thirazar’s numerous attempts to free himself over the centuries.

Frozen Lich - Thirazar [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base] is created by DM Stash and suitable for any table top rpg or wargame.

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Frozen Lich - Thirazar [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]

PriceFrom €8.50
    • Name: Frozen Lich - Thirazar [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
    • Set: The Thawing Dead
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Included as pictured in the image
    • Model Creator: DM Stash

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