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A young girl born into the servitude of the Hex Hunters after an illicit relationship between a Hex Hunter and Sorcerer. Lina has spent her life within the order and knows little else, and it shows in her masterful knowledge of the creatures of Brightstone and her mastery with blade and magic

Lina's mother Erinthia was a sorceress of Zwilling Zwei's Magic College who had fallen in love with one of the Hex Hunters who also called the citadel home. Though Erinthia never gave up the father to protect his identity, the child born by her was clearly that of a Sorceress and Hex Hunter. Breath surged and swelled in the child, its eye glowing violet from birth from the raw magic within them. The Grand Magus of the college saw this and worried, for such children were often unruly and dangerous in their youth from the uncontrolled raw power.

Thus Erinthia was given a choice with her daughter Lina. Either Lina would be put to death and Erinthia could remain in her place at the school, or Lina could be spared but Erinthia banished henceforth from Zwilling Zwei and the kingdoms of Brightstone and Greypeak. Erinthia took the latter, leaving to Draksborne where she found a home in Canos University. But Lina was left in the mercy of Hex Hunters after the Grand Magus suspiciously died shortly after the exile of Erinthia. Lina's fate was left uncertain, with remaining Council Members opting for the child's death, but others calling it unfair and cruel.

It was not until Tarick Wolfheart from the School of Hex Hunters stepped in that the child's life was left certain again. Tarick claimed that if his school was responsible for the child's birth then they would be responsible for its life. So with the aid of the Magic College, the Hex Hunters raised Lina into a powerful warrior and spellsword, able to imbue her with many Crystal Augmentations due to her natural affinity for the crystals. Still she proved powerful even without them, able to cast many spells thanks to her sorcerous heritage too. When she was barely a young woman she surpassed Tarick in terms of raw power, though she still was unwieldy with it at times, it earned her the rank of Master, now able to take on her own apprentices after fifteen winters of training.

Young Master Bloodhunter - Lina Vixine is created by DM Stash and suitable for any table top rpg or wargame.

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Young Master Bloodhunter - Lina Vixine

PriceFrom €8.50
    • Name: Young Master Bloodhunter - Lina Vixine
    • Set: Hex Hunters of Brightstone
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Included as pictured in the image
    • Model Creator: DM Stash