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Edrosdar is known as the guardian of the ancient vault. Filled with treasure and richess waiting for those who can conquer it. Myths and legends tell stories about him and how fierce he is.
Erdrosar is an elder dragon that guards hidden treasure under one of the biggest citie in the Kingdom. It is known that cultists guard the vault and getting to him is nearly impossible.
Adventurers who have tried to get rid of him and claim the treasure he guards have never come back from the quest.
The ancient vault has been lost under the city for a long time. Most people think that it oonly exists in the minds of those who believe in it. The entrance is very well hidden, but there are a few fellows in the city that know about its location.
Edrosar has been sleeping for hundreds of years now. He only wakes up when disturbed by the presence of intruders entering the vault.

Edrosdar The Eternal

SKU: CNP000200
    • Name: Edrosdar The Eternal
    • Set: Dragon's Vault Raid
    • Scale: 32mm
    • Resolution: 0.03mm (3 Microns)
    • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    • Color: Gray
    • Base: Not included, matching bases can be found in the items' set.
    • Model Creator: Cast 'n Play

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