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Shifting Snow, is very much a campaign of survival, mistrust and paranoia. The party is thrown into a hopeless situation and in every person they meet, there is a sense of dread and unusualness. The direness of their situation is truly realised when the party first encounters a Shapeshifter, able to imitate whatever it has consumed almost perfectly, and able to strike suddenly and without warning in an incredibly deadly manner.


Story intro:

Following a raid on an insurrectionist compound in Baldur, the Baldurian government uncovered a ledger that linked the insurrectionists to receiving funding from a group known as The Darkwing out of Draksborne. On investigation of this group a Psyflayer was uncovered to be controlling the group’s highest ranking members, who would pull the strings of Draksbornian and Baldurian society. In confidence the head of Baldur intelligence, General Lyons, hired a group of freelancers and adventurers to find the Psyflayer headquarters in Oldavor and report its location back.


Oldavor being an extremely perilous place, the party would need reason to enter, with the soldiers of The Watchers barring entry lest they were one of them. Thus the party has had enlistment for a six month tour organised for each of them, requiring them to report to The Watchers headquarters in Brightstone’s capital of Flussende.


The campaign begins with the party en route to Brightstone’s..


Included in the pack:

  • 4 high quality printed characters in 32mm scale
  • Original short length 5E module set within the garrison of Letzte Uhr and the southern reaches of Oldavor. Continuing directly on from our last campaign (The Darkwing Conspiracy) or can be played independently
  • Full size A2 printable map of Oldavor Brightstone Border Region
  • Full size A2 printable map of the garrison of Letzte Uhr and the city of Flussende
  • 4 Encounter maps set within Oldavor’s wastes and its ruins


Not part of this pack but can be bought separately:

Shifting Snow

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